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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Facebook Page Posts for the weeks of July 11th &18th

This is a summary of posts for the weeks of July 11th, and 18th to the Arocho Law Office Facebook Page:

A special episode of The Simpsons to be shown on October 3rd will focus on Grameen Bank's micro-credit schemes, and feature of Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus.

US Nonprofits' Social Media Adoption Outpaces All Other Sectors for Third Year in a Row According to New Research -,1398394.html

Grant Alert: TD Charitable Foundation 2010 Housing for Everyone Grant Competition Overview -

Some State & Federal Lawmakers Seeking Cuts Look at Nonprofit Salaries:

IRS Says that Nonprofit Universities Fail to Report Taxable Income:

Nonprofits Stretched Thin:

Arocho Law Office's Nonprofit Blog: IRS Grants Grace Period for Small Tax Exempt Organ...

Fundraising article: Selling Cars and Selling Your Cause

How Daydreaming Could Lead to Your Next Big Idea:

Telecommuting? Some Tips for Best Work from Home Experience -

A N.J. nonprofit restaurant in Orange follows the social entrepreneurship trend:

Student run nonprofit medical clinic: For med students, financial lessons learned outside the lab at

The IRS seeks comments on new disclosure requirement pursuant the 2010 health care reform law that requires that businesses and nonprofits, starting in 2012, to report aggregate payments to vendors in excess of $600 for goods and other property. The requirement applies for payments to all vendors, not just those related to health care. Presently, nonprofits and business are required to file Form 1099s for payment of services by independent contractors, but not for goods from vendors.,,id=225029,00.html

According to a recently released report by the Johns Hopkins University's Listening Post Project, there is evidence that this Great Recession has placed a significant strain on the nonprofit sector, especially those that provide services to children and family services as well as arts nonprofits, and finds that larger nonprofits tended to lay off staff more frequently than smaller ones. [Communiqué No. 19, 7/14/2010]