Summary of posts by the Arocho Law Office to Twitter and the Arocho Law Office Facebook Page.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Facebook Page & Twitter Posts for the weeks of August 29th, & September 5th

This is a summary of posts for the weeks of August 29th & September 5th to Twitter and the Arocho Law Office Facebook Page:

For-profit thrift stores attract a growing following in N.J., but some question chain's methods:

How Non-Profits are Exploring Augmented Reality Tech:

Employee or Independent Contractor: Watch Your Classifications-Compliance with the rules governing worker classifications can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Please help with our cause! Visit the following link and help us build a more
peaceful and nonviolent tomorrow! Enough-to-Violence:

The National First Look Program - Major banks are agreeing to give local governments and nonprofit groups the ability to buy foreclosed homes before they are sold to private investors.

Could a Peanut Paste End Malnutrition?

Online Giving Meets Social Networking at Crowdrise.

A New Career of Caring, Started in Death on 9/11-Brooke Jackman Foundation, dedicated to promoting literacy, especially among elementary school children in the city who haven’t caught many breaks in life.

Focus on Impact, Not Transactions, for Better Donation Pages-

Fundraising Tips: How to Get Your Donors More Engaged -

A survey conducted by the Forward has found that Jewish and Christian religious institutions appear to raise about the same amount per member, despite the fact that church giving is voluntary and synagogues charge membership dues.