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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Facebook Page Posts for the week of July 25th

This is a summary of posts for the week of July 25th to the Arocho Law Office Facebook Page:

Fundraising article: Selling Cars and Selling Your Cause

Nonprofits Stretched Thin:

IRS Says that Nonprofit Universities Fail to Report Taxable Income:

Some State & Federal Lawmakers Seeking Cuts Look at Nonprofit Salaries:

US Nonprofits' Social Media Adoption Outpaces All Other Sectors for Third Year in a Row According to New Research -,1398394.html

A special episode of The Simpsons to be shown on October 3rd will focus on Grameen Bank's micro-credit schemes, and
feature of Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus.

The Case of the Vanishing Nonprofits, Continued:

Are QR Codes the Next Big Thing for Cause Marketing?

Is your Nonprofit Sick? Should Your Nonprofit Call 911?

Ten articles on the latest trends in online fundraising:

Recession Tactics Still Relevant for Nonprofits:

If Your Children Are Competent, They Don’t Need an Inheritance: